Why Choose Sticks and Tones Studio for Your Child’s Introduction to Music and Instruments?

The classes and lessons are:

*Engaging: Sticks and Tones’ teachers, Maria and Henry Flurry, teach students in private and group settings with upbeat lessons geared to the students’ age and skill level.

*Educating: The program will teach not only how to produce sound on an instrument, but by the end of the year the students will be able to perform, improvise, memorize, decode printed musical information, use practice time effectively, lead a group, and compose.

*Leading: Musicianship Classes are the ideal opportunity to model and practice skills like leadership, creative problem-solving, self-reliance, planning ahead, respect for each individual’s abilities and gifts, and many more community- and character-building traits.

*Inspiring: Maria Flurry holds teaching certification from the state of Arizona. She has taught for 28 years and performed with major orchestras across the country, including the Baltimore, Detroit, Spokane, Aspen, and Phoenix Symphonies. She is conservatory-educated, well-travelled and has many interests including languages, geography, technology, science and, of course, music and people. She chooses music for her students that represents music from all over the world and from different styles of the last 1,000 years in context. Mrs. Flurry’s experience using music to “connect the dots” in students’ lives has ignited in her students a passion for music and a passion for learning over and over again. Her reason for teaching is not only to open the doors to music, but also to enable students to see and embrace the choices they can make in life.

Henry Flurry holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Composition and is a registered teacher in six books of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. An often-commissioned composer, his music has been performed by groups across the country, including the Louisiana Philharmonic and the Flagstaff Symphony. Early in his career he was a computer programmer. This connection to technology and his constant research of music apps led him to create his own music-reading app for iOS devices, MusicFlashClass. His passion for music, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and sense of humor have enabled him to successfully inspire students from age 4 to senior citizens. He teaches because it is fun. He also is humbled by the richness and honor of working with students as they grow from young children through the years into early adulthood.

Sticks and Tones was founded by Henry and Maria Flurry. They perform in schools, libraries and concert halls across Arizona. Visit SticksAndTones.com for more information on the group.